On Friday 26 July, Warner Records will re-issue Morrissey's 1993 live in Paris album, Beethoven Was Deaf. The release is global, and the album will be available on CD, black vinyl, and orange vinyl.
The album originally reached #13 in England, but was not released in the U.S. The venue is the Zenith in Paris.

Two special event concerts are planned to launch the July release. Please watch this site for details. New sleeve above.


The first 7-inch single from Dana Gillespie's new album is Spent The Day In Bed, and is available on 19 April. The song is from Dana's new album First Love, which is released on 31 May on CD, standard black vinyl, and special colored vinyl. Production is by Marc Almond and Tris Penna, and above sleeve photography is by Terry O'Neill, with sleeve art by Morrissey.

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Spent The Day In Bed is one of the tracks featured on the new album by Dana Gillespie, and is released on May 31st. The album is called First Love, and is available on CD, standard black vinyl, and translucent red vinyl. It is produced by Marc Almond and Tris Penna. Dana has released over 70 albums, and her most famous single release so far has been 'Andy Warhol' (RCA, 1974).

Spent The Day In Bed was written by Morrissey and Gustavo Manzur. It is from the 2017 album Low In High School.

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