San Diego.

"The only trouble at San Diego were the fictitious reports by TMZ that I had been attacked. This is absolute crap. The concert and the crowd were a dream night for me. I was honored and grateful for such an excited and loving response. It concluded an outstanding set of U.S dates and I am absolutely thrilled. TMZ, alas, live exclusively in a world of their own, and certain sections of the press seem enraged that there is nothing negative to report."

11 November 2018.


Morrissey's new single "Back On The Chain Gang" is out now.

"buyable at all respectable branches of F. W. Woolworth, Our Price, Virgin Records and Tower Records," said Morrissey.


Morrissey's new single 'Back On the Chain Gang' is now up on Spotify.
The B-side of the 45 is Morrissey's version of a 1971 song written by Gilbert O'Sullivan entitled 'I Didn't Know What To Do'.

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