" When the new BMG Executive says he now wants a label of 'diversity', what he
actually means is he wants all of his artists to be exactly the same. Make no mistake, the
word 'diversity' is already trailing in the dust as an overused catchword that in fact means tighter restrictions and a fierce
exclusion of individuality. I have been dumped by BMG because I am TOO diverse for them. They cannot cope with an
artist such as Morrissey … who is, in fact, the very essence of diversity … whose lyrical concerns are multiple, different,
and who has been writing about all of our human differences since 1982. So, please don't be fooled into thinking the
word 'diversity' means varied and open; it has been warped to mean exactly the opposite. With these absolutely
incomprehensibly senseless new guidelines, I'll be surprised if BMG still exists in 18 months time. Or, if they do,
they'll be a label that no true artist would want to sign to. Perhaps this is what BMG prefers - a roster of artists
who are so diverse that you'll never be able to distinguish one from the other?"
Morrissey, November 2020.

"There are artists who feel abandoned by the record business yet are still producing new music which connects with an audience." Hartwig Masuch, BMG.

Morrissey World scrapped due to its 'narrow' appeal :

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