"Making a thud similar to a dropped cabbage, some copies of "It's Over" have been spotted in a couple of HMV's - six weeks after its release date. My greatest vocal, my most proud single release … and nobody knows what to do with it. Roy Orbison would turn in his urn. The sheer excruciation endured in trying to see "It's Over" released has once again defeated me. Everything, it seems, has been done to make "It's Over" pass as quickly from human memory as possible, and a forest of cliche's will no doubt explain its unintentionally hilarious disappearance. When we first released California son, it was "It's Over" that received the most airplay, and the time was ripe to launch it as a single. But, no! Let the year pass and then dribble out "It's Over" amid an air of chilly silence. That's the way to do it! At least "It's Over" has achieved a full page in the manual of How Not To Release A Single. If it's any consolation to those of you who would like a copy of "It's Over" I should tell you that I have yet to see a finished copy of it myself. I live in knotted hope.

Sad times for a change, MORRISSEY."

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