"Leeds … just fantastic … I couldn't have wished for more.

Cologne … incredible … I couldn't have hoped for more.

London … phenomenal … I couldn't have prayed for more.

Thanks to everyone who came along … thanks for all that

you give. It's beyond inspiring for me to see so many

people who REFUSE to be dogs on chains."

Morrissey, 15 March 2020.


I AM NOT A DOG ON A CHAIN will be unchained at HMV, Rough Trade, Amazon, and other intelligent outlets.
The album is available as a gatefold CD, a cassette, a black vinyl LP, and a limited see-through vinyl LP.

Thank you for your support !


French authorities will not allow any concert gatherings in Paris this week due to the Virus. Morrissey's concert is affected by this ruling.
Morrissey has described the Cologne concert as "the most enjoyable concert of my life."
The London concert is still going ahead.
A full report of Leeds and London will appear on this site next week.
Valerie Pearson for M-central.

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