I am sorry that you are forced to tolerate the views of The Guardian Of Hate, and I am sorry that I cannot retaliate, but - I am nothing, and I have no human rights.
The person described by The Guardian Of Hate is not me, and their stance attributed to me is not mine. But, pleased be warned: they are having great fun and they will not STOP.

I am surprised that IPSO regulations allow the Sinn Fein "ourselves alone" tactics of The Guardian Of Hate to continue, and whereas it is my view that everyone is entitled to their opinion, I did not believe - until now - that UK law permits public actions in public spaces that call for a British citizen to be killed, or even discriminated against.
It is true that I do not support the Monster Raving Labour Party, and nor could I possibly ever approve of Halal (being of sound mind), but if the definition of a racist or fascist is someone who will not allow others to have an opinion, then The Guardian Of Hate are exactly whom they claim to disapprove of.

Finally, if The Guardian Of Hate decide that you are their quarry, I wish you more media support than I have so far received.

10 October 2019.

¡the best of!

¡the best of! MORRISSEY double-album entered the Official UK vinyl chart at number 5 on release a few weeks ago. Morrissey has expressed "heartfelt gratitude" to all who invested.


"It's Over" is now scheduled for release in the second week of November. The B side is a version of Tim Buckley's "It Happens Every Time".

San Diego. October 6th.

"My thanks to the audience at what was once the Sports Arena. You were the best of the best … wherever you go, I go. Without doubt, the best show of this tour."

Morrissey, October 6th, yet 7th

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