Record Of The Week.

Morrissey's 'California Son' album will be Record Of The Week on Radio 2 next week.
It is also Record of The Week at Radio Trojka (the main station in Poland), and Record Of The Month in Germany's Rolling Stone.
Morrissey appeared on The Jimmy Fallon Show this week in New York singing "Morning Starship".


Announced concert appearances by Morrissey in Manchester and Los Angeles for this month are totally false.

The Telegraph

The Telegraph, UK newspaper reviews Morrissey On Broadway:

“Morrissey has been pretty consistently great over the years, and right now, on the cusp of turning 60, he is performing like his life depends upon it. “

“His distinctive voice was in fantastic shape, a creamy baritone rising up to sweet falsetto, descending into gruff barks and extending into melismatic yodelling warbles.”

“it strikes me as a tragedy that this extraordinary Englishman no longer feels welcome in his homeland. Because this is a show that should be seen, a slice of rock theatre as life-enhancing, thought-provoking and emotionally powerful as any West End drama.”

May 8, 2019

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