"Your Arsenal"

" I used to dream and I used to vow
I wouldn't dream of it now …"

"It was a time when singers such as I were made successful by the people. Now, a harmony of all interests and opinions is not allowed in modern music, and this is why the music world is now dominated by singers whom most of the world cannot stand. We are trained to expect nothing from modern music. There are no modern songwriters of whom we can say 'no one but you could have written that song.' There are no modern songwriters to whom we can say, 'you've really hit on something.' All that happens depends on something already achieved by somebody else. Consequently, there has never been a time when people so desperately need a true projection of how life really is. From "Your Arsenal" to "Bonfire of Teenagers" I know that music remains more permanent than life. But there is far more to fight against now, in a music industry that allows only for one opinion everywhere. "Your Arsenal" in its 30th year tells me that we have nourished each other for a very long time, and we have come a long way together in a truly different and elevating journey. If I know, you must know."


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