Wedding Bell Blues


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Taken from forthcoming album CALIFORNIA SON.
B-side is previously unavailable I THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD.
Cover image is FABIAN, with permission.
etienne LABEL thru BMG International.

Curtis Butler Has Died.

"Curtis, who was from Manchester, and who followed Morrissey tours all over the world for many years … who was loved by all of us in our own strange way … has taken leave of this unhappy planet.

Curtis, I am so sorry that I could not be the global star that you wanted me to be: but it is difficult in such a narrow and moronic world.
I am blessed to have known you, and I fully understand how generally unbearable modern life is. Thank you for all that you have done for me … there is another world, there is a better world … well there MUST be.

I will see you again. My dearest love to you."

February 2019

In the video below, Curtis can be seen climbing on stage at approximately 2:11, wearing his fantastic WE HATE WILLIAM AND KATE t-shirt.

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