Leeds - WOW !

“thanks so much to Slow Readers Club and Lottery Winners for being a part
of such a terrific event. God protect us all.”

photo above Juan Galeano (bass) and Carmen Vandenberg (guitars) by SER.

Somewhere near Leeds.

Brendan Buckley (drums), Jesse Tobias (guitar), Carmen Vandenberg (guitar), Camila Grey (keyboard). Juan Galeano (bass) and Morrissey (bagpipes) are not in this picture - by choice.


“I had booked Windmill Lane Studios in Dublin … I had booked the band, and Tony Visconti … and suddenly a message came through to have dinner with Prince that very night at The Clarence in Dublin. I couldn’t go. I felt sick. It was my only chance. I thought I’d have another … but so soon the living are dead. Prince … I am so sorry.”

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