The Human Voice Is The Soul.

I am lost to know how to express my thanks for this recent tour. Joyful is not a word that trips easily off my tongue, but joyful it was. There seemed to me to be an even deeper emotional response, and a more powerful projection everywhere of goodwill - more lungful and younger crowds than ever before. Something has happened. What is it?
Every night the crowds sang like an orchestra - every song an anthem, but this time infused with deeper meaning. Perhaps it is partly because of the press and their childish smear campaigns - which we all, not just I, must endure. Perhaps it’s because only songs tell us who we really are, after all?
I wasn’t attacked or punched at San Diego - the press depress. In fact, I had never felt so liberated in my life.
It is impossible to point to the best nights because they were all so incredible, but our two concerts in Chile and our concert in Peru reminded me of my privileged position to be on stage; it is life, yes, but with all the crap bits left out - for once. Tropicalia, San Diego, Sao Paulo and Mexico City were also particularly breath-taking.

I express my heartfelt thanks to all of you who came along.

backing into the future,
16 December 2018.

… and I to the appointed place …

2018 was cruel to the Arts; more have quietly slipped away than you possibly realize: Peter Wyngarde, Charles Aznavour, Vic Damone, Nancy Wilson, Dorothy Malone, Bernardo Bertolucci, Aretha Franklin, Givenchy, Donnelly Rhodes (below)

…and where do they go ?

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