The Gang’s All gone

The second photo reads:-

London Brixton
02 Academy
The penultimate date on his
UK tour was an outstanding mix of classics and new material. Prefaced by an eclectic pre-show video, the show began with a remarkably groovy How Soon Is Now? and barely let up. When the pace did slow, it was to let the sombre, powerful lyrics of stunning new track, Bonfire Of Teenagers, hit home, or highlight the cosmic desolation of The Smiths staple, Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want. The crowd was receptive throughout: credit to the formidable band, their tight interplay providing a spectacle all its own. As the last notes of exhilarating closer, Sweet And Tender Hooligan, rang out, the acclaim showed that the allure of Morrissey won't dwindle any time soon. Beau Waddell

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