My deferential thanks to all brave souls, loving souls, patriots and pioneers who filled the arenas and halls of our recent North American/Canadian tour.
The tour was a great success, and here are my top ten chosen nights:

1.LOS ANGELES The Hollywood Bowl (Oct 26)
2.QUEENS, NEW YORK Forest Hills Stadium (Sept 27)
3.VANCOUVER BC Orpheum / first night (Oct 14)
4.VANCOUVER BC Orpheum / second night (Oct 15)
5.CALGARY AB Jubilee Auditorium (Oct 11)
6.WINNIPEG MB Centennial (Oct 21)
7.SALT LAKE Utah Saltair (Sept 28)
8.CAMDEN NJ BB&T Pavillion (Sept 11)
9.SAN DIEGO CA Pechanga Arena (Oct 6)
10.KETTERING OH Fraze Pavillion (Sept 11)

In this trendy climate of 'M-deniers', I am so relieved that everything went so well - not only well, in fact, but triumphantly so … the Hollywood Bowl being the best night of my touring life.
The journalistic debacle of the LA Times piece relied heavily on the sectors of London Fake Media, who themselves, rely so exclusively on anonymous sources. I am afraid Idiot Culture - with all its worst inclinations - gets the most baying and ax grinding coverage. It is pseudo-news gone insane, and it is its own sadness. Their obsessive perpetuation of spectacularly irresponsible reporting ("we can't find a story, so let's make one up") is a terrible reflection on those willing to report nothing whatsoever as catastrophic news. I rely on your intelligence not to consume shitty reports of what does not exist. You know exactly to whom I refer. These are the days of decision … to quote the great Phil Ochs.

2020 ? Hopefully less Alarmism from those who say things that have been given them to say. Otherwise, I think BMG will release 'Bobby, Don't You Think They Know?' as a single - my fantastic duet with Thelma Houston. As always, we pray for airplay.

I support you now - just as I supported you in the days before I even knew you.

Los Angeles
4 November 2019.

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